Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Are estimates free?

Estimates are 100% free for those living within a 30 mile radius of Salem, OH. For potential customers outside of our 30 mile radius, a $25 dollar fee will be charged at the time of the estimate. If we are chosen to complete your project, that $25 fee will be reimbursed, as a credit, on the final total at the completion of the project.

Q. Do you have experience?

Absolutely. Our founder and owner, Chris stewart, has been in the concrete trade for over 21 years and counting. he is also a hands-on owner, working in the field with our experienced team on every project, ensuring the quality of our work.

Q. What is your installation process?

Every project carries its unique dynamics and needs, but for a typical outside project, we are going to start by excavating and preparing the space. We pour with 4,500 psi concrete with fiber, on top of a compacted stone base and with wire mesh reinforcement. Whether the finish is standard, stained or stamped, all our finished concrete work is then sealed with a penetrating cure and seal.

Q. How do I maintain my concrete?

At the completion of the project, all our customers receive a copy of our “Concrete Care Guide” and will discuss a sealing schedule. The biggest factor in maintaining healthy concrete is to be diligent in re-sealing as needed.

Q. What if I have questions, changes, etc. during or after the completion of my project?

We have a full time manager who gladly works with each customer before, during, and after each project to ensure that every customer is at ease and feels confident in their project. Once a project is finished, you can have confidence that we won’t disappear. Even when a project is finished, you can feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help.