Custom Concrete Construction in Hubbard, OH

We greatly enjoy being one of the concrete contractors privileged to work for the residents and businesses of Hubbard, OH. We have been providing our services to the people of Hubbard ever since the founding of Custom Concrete Construction in 2008.

We often have the opportunity to work in the Hubbard community and it is always a joy to do so. Hubbard presents a unique opportunity to work within the city neighborhoods as well as out in the country. No matter what type of concrete work best fits the landscape of a given Hubbard home, we have enjoyed completing it and putting our touch on the community of Hubbard.

As a Hubbard resident, it is our desire is to take what is thought to only be possible in a magazine, and turn those dreams into a reality that can be enjoyed by you, family and friends, every day. You can be sure that your project will come with our promise of attention to detail, quality, excellence and durability.

We do standard concrete work such as driveways, basements, garages, and sidewalks, as well as specializing in custom projects like stamped patios and sidewalks, concrete overlays, and counter tops. All of these projects can be completed in the city of Hubbard, and we know what it takes to get the job done there.

Stamped Patio completed at a Hubbard home

Stamped Overlay completed at a Hubbard home

Garage completed at a Hubbard home

Common Questions

Q: Are estimates free?

Estimates are 100% Free to the residents of Hubbard. You can schedule an estimate by filling out our online form or by calling us at 330.853.5917

Q: Do you have experience?

Absolutely. OUr founder and owner, Chris stewart, has been in the concrete trade for over 21 years and counting. He is also a hands-on owner, working in the field with our experienced team on every project, ensuring the quality of our work.

Q: What is your installation process?

Typically, we begin by excavating the project space. From there, we pour with 4,500 PSI concrete with fiber, on top of a compacted stone base and wire mesh reinforcement. All our finished concrete is then sealed with a penetrating cure and seal.

Q: How do I maintain my concrete?

At the completion of the project, all our customers receive a copy of our “Concrete Care Guide” and will discuss a sealing schedule. The biggest factor in maintaining healthy concrete is to be diligent in re-sealing as needed.

Q: What if I have changes, questions, etc. during or after the completion of my project?

We have a full time manager who gladly works with each customer before, during, and after each project to ensure that every customer is at ease and feels confident in their project. Once a project is finished, you can have confidence that we wont’ disappear. Even when a project is finished, you can feel free to call us and we will do what we can to help.